Home library design ideas

Technology has come of age and we’re living in the digital era. However, nothing can compare to the feeling of a book in your hands and reading in a uniquely designed reading space. Besides serving as a reading spot, a home library should also be the unique, comfortable, and personal space you display your favorite book collection. Although public and university libraries are often expansive and filled with splendor, private libraries are more intimate and shouldn’t be less gorgeous. A home library can be colorful and cozy, and can also be a focal point just like a fireplace.

Wall shelves and bookcases

Good storage doubling up as the display is the key to creating a functional home library. Go for modular wall shelving that is easier to expand as your book collection grows. Choose closet cabinets featuring drawers, doors, and other storage options for a sleeker and built-in look.


A comfortable reading footstool or chair or a built-in bench is a great home library idea. If you want your guest room to double up as a home library, then a futon or sofa with a pull-out bed will serve both as a guest bed and a seating.


General lighting is useful to fill up a room and allow you to move around. You’ll find general lighting in track lighting, wall-mounted fixtures, and recessed lamps. Accent lighting highlights a specific focal point, for example, a piece of art. Dimers, picture lights, track lighting, or wall-mounted fixtures are the most common accent lighting often used to create mood lighting. Task lighting helps you complete a task. Anything from pendant lights hanging over your kitchen island to desk lamps could be task lighting. Make sure you combine these lighting in your library. It’s the only way it will function as you like.

Make your home library cozy

Making a home library cozy isn’t the official design principle, but it’s particularly essential. Your home library should be the space you curl up with your favorite novel or magazine for hours on end. Use textiles to bring some level of comfort. You can also add a few throw pillows on each reading chair or sofa to go with your arrangement.

A reading space should be comfortable and cozy. These and many more ideas on Tylko’s guide for ideas for a home library will come in handy.